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Get the Right Traps to Control Pest (Mole, Vole, and Gopher Traps)

One of the most common challenges that homeowners are faced with is pest invasion. Pests can invade your home anytime and when you least expect. Some of the pests that you will find in your backyard include the Mole, gopher, and vole. These are some of the pests that can cause serious destruction in your home. It is important to find the best solution to exterminate these pests before they can cause serious destruction of your property.
There are many ways of controlling pests, however, it is important to choose the most effective methods.

Using traps is one of the common, yet effective methods of eliminating vole, mole, and gopher. However, before you buy your trap, you must identify the guilty party so that you can choose the right trap for the job. Whether you are dealing with moles, voles, or gophers you need to buy the right trap so that you can get rid of these pests effectively. Although there are some similarities between the kinds of damages that voles, gophers, and moles cause you will find clear differences hence it will be easy for you to identify the type of pest that you are dealing with. These pests also live in underground tunnels. There are different traps and also trapping techniques that are used to trap voles, moles, and gophers hence important to learn the correct pest identification so that you can choose the right trap.

First, there are some distinguishing characteristics of the damages caused by moles which include, raised ridges or longitudinal tunnels that are close to the surface especially where there is soft moist soil. The tunnels run along the house foundation, lawn border, driveway, or any other solid object. You will also find volcano or conical-shaped mole mounds that are fairly even in shape, but they may vary in size. You will rarely find open holes in the surface. Moles are known to eat live prey and they also cause less or no damages to your perennial landscape plants. However, they can cause slight damage by creating air pockets around the roots of the plant. They can cause slight damages to your lawn and also other garden areas. Moles like staying in moist shady areas and they will invade from woodlands.

For the gophers, you will find irregular-shaped dirt mounds. You will also find grass and other plants eaten or chewed nearby the perimeter of the hole. Gophers also make open holes on the surface so that they can feed on the surface vegetation. Then the holes are plugged with soil after the gopher has finished feeding on that location. Gophers will destroy your turf, crops, and landscape plants. You will find gophers in most and dry soil although they will avoid saturated areas.
Some of the distinguishing characteristics of damages caused by voles include very clean and round open holes. You will also find vegetation cropped back around the perimeter of the hole. After you have identified the type of rodent that you have in your compound you will be able to choose the right trap that will eliminate these rodents.

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