How to Resize Your Make-Up Photos with the Movavi Photo Batch Review

When you try out a new look with your make-up and it turns out well, do you snap a quick photo and publish it on your website or blog? Or maybe you prefer to simply keep your photos on your PC as a memento of sorts? In either case, being able to resize the photos that you take of your make-up appearance can help you out in several ways.

Generally the main reason why people resize their photos is either because they want to save space on their hard drive (or web host), or they want to ensure that it fits in certain dimensions to be published on a blog, website, or even magazine. Of course if you have tons of make-up photos then resizing each one manually can be a bit of a challenge. On top of that, there are other concerns that you may have to worry about – such as the aspect ratio.

With the Movavi Photo Batch (, most of those concerns don’t really come into play – and you’ll find that resizing your photos is really quite painless, no matter how many of them there are. All you need to do is:

  1. Add the photos that you want to resize to the Movavi Photo Batch by clicking on ‘Files’ or ‘Folders’ depending on whether you want to select a series of files or an entire folder.
  2. Choose an option to resize your photos by either specifying a custom size (and ignoring the aspect ratio), or resizing it to a percentage of the original size with the aspect ratio intact, or even fitting it in the largest possible size into a given frame.
  3. When you’re satisfied, you can start resizing your photos and save them into a folder that you specify.

As you can see the process is really straightforward and the same can be done to enhance the quality of your photos, convert them to another format, or even rename them as part of a batch. Manipulating photos in bulk really doesn’t get much easier, and once you set up the changes that you want to perform you will be able to let the software handle the rest.

Make no mistake, the Movavi Photo Batch is a powerful tool to help you to alter your photos in bulk, and having it handy is never a bad idea.