How to Choose a Cosmetology School

Cosmetology is a fantastic career path for creative individuals who love to help people look and feel their best. Cosmetology school is a must if you want to get a professional license; however, not all cosmetology schools are the same. Read on for tips on how to choose a school that’s right for you.

  • Ask around. Do you have any friends or family in the beauty industry? If so, ask for recommendations and ask about their experience with the school. If no one you know has any suggestions, talk to your stylist. He or she has been there, done that, and will be able to speak from personal experience.
  • Do your homework. Take the suggestions you got and look around online. If you ended up without any suggestions at all, try a search for schools in your area such as, “academy of salons Montana.” From there, check out each school’s website and social media profiles. The websites should tell you what courses are required, the price of tuition and what the application process entails. The social media sites can give you an idea of what the student body is like as well as provide photos of the school itself.
  • Visit the school in person. Even if you’ve thoroughly researched a school online, nothing can replace an actual in-person visit. Most schools will arrange tours for prospective students, so you not only get to see the campus but you also get a chance to ask questions and talk to someone familiar with the school and the coursework.
  • Ask the right questions. Get the most out of your campus tour by meeting the staff and asking questions such as how they prepare you for the board examination and if there any job services after graduation. You’ll want to be sure the school teaches everything you need and want to learn in order to start your career successfully.
  • Find out about financial aid. Most schools either offer or accept financial aid and have staff you can speak to that will help you get started. Check to see what types of aid you might qualify for. This is a process you’re going to want to get started as soon as possible, as there are specific deadlines for federal aid.

Additionally, listen to your gut instinct and choose the school that feels right to you. Many stylists agree that’s how they chose their cosmetology school.